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Best Project in Kharadi

Best Residential Project in Kharadi

Best residential project in kharadi, Pune – Zen Estate Kharadi Investing in a home is a big decision. But when that home is laden with an excellent riverside location, in a cosmopolitan neighbourhood and contains great amenities- that decision becomes easier. Welcome to Zen Estate – The best project in Kharadi. It offers everything a modern family of 2020 needs…

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internet in kharadi

Which Are the Best Internet Providers in Kharadi?

Imagine an all-access library that contained ALL the books in the world about infinity and beyond. A key to not just books, but videos, newspapers, games, and a plethora of other media to choose from. Sound familiar? That’s because all this is available right on your palm! Internet: The world’s largest and most accessible library. However, there’s one thing worse…

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Is kharadi a good place to live

Is Kharadi a Good Place to Live?

Among all the top locations in Pune, Kharadi is one of the best locations to live in. Not only Kharadi is the well known IT Hub but it is also a cosmopolitan lifestyle hub of Pune east. Many top builders have set up amazing residential projects in these premises and Kharadi has a long list of valid reasons to convenience…

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7 Strong reasons to invest in Kharadi

7 Strong reasons to Invest in Kharadi

Pune has pulled in many people to create their dream home in this beautiful city. Pune is known as ‘Social Capital of Maharashtra’. According to The Economic Times’ Ten Smart Cities to Invest In with a special mention for Kharadi as a prime neighbourhood to scout in Pune. Once a village, Kharadi now echoes with the sounds of infrastructural development,…

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How To Know Market Value of Home - Property?

How To Know Market Value of Home – Property?

The blog consists of three methods of calculating the fair market value of the property. The step by step method of calculation is briefed with Sales comparison approach, cost approach & component approach. Read the complete blog to know every detail.    Knowing how to find the property value of a home prepares you to buy, sell, refinance or even negotiate…

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