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Real Estate Growth In Pune

Why Pune’s Real Estate Market Is Booming?

Both residential and commercial properties in Pune have earned the right kind of interest. The city has swiftly become one of the best places in India to live and sustain life. While numerous reasons come to mind to support this fact, we have noted the most important ones. The coming professionals in Pune are not only demanding a superior lifestyle,…

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Gift Yourself A Home At Zen Estate On This Christmas

It’s the season of gifts, yes, but that doesn’t mean that you have to leave yourself out. Self-care has been introduced to us quite early, but in today’s world, it is becoming a necessity. So this festive season, why shouldn’t you gift yourself the most significant gift there can ever be- your dream home. Don’t take the plunge for that…

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How To Choose The Best Property In Kharadi Pune?

Buying a property for investment, and renting it out is one of the safest ways of creating future wealth. However, choosing the right property is quite challenging. Going through multiple brochures, scanning various neighbourhoods, and comparing different projects is mentally and physically exhausting. Also, it is essential to know that the property in question is going to make money by…

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Vastu Tips For Home

Vastu Tips Every New Homeowner Should Know

“Vaastu” means ‘dwelling place’ and “Shastra” means rules; hence Vastu Shastra is a set of rules that illustrates how to build/construct our dwelling places or places where we live and spend time in order to positively harness energies from the five elements of nature – Sky, Air, Fire, Earth and Water. It is a highly evolved and tested architectural science.…

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Real Estate Investment In Festive Season

Why Should You Invest Big In This Festive Season?

Real estate in India has witnessed multiple ups and downs over the past few years; however, the pandemic has injected the much-needed change in the real estate industry, which it was craving for. The reason being- COVID-19 prevented people from visiting sites physically, the regular flow of money altered, the paperwork couldn’t be finalized in person and all in all,…

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Coaching Classes In Kharadi Pune

Which Are The Best Coaching Classes In Kharadi?

Pune is home to several high-quality coaching centres for entry in civil services, chartered accountancy, defence, management, law, company secretary, banking services, medical, engineering etc. But the coaching centres which sees the most footfall are the ones who serve school students. Students from classes 6 to 12 crowd near several coaching centres all around Pune such as FC Road, Shivaji…

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Best Hotels In Kharadi Pune

Which Are The Best Hotels In And Near Kharadi?

A luxurious hotel experience is something that everyone wants and deserves every once in a while. Be it a business conference, a staycation with your family, or a spa day out with your friends- having a good hotel in your neighborhood is a must for all these needs and more! And fortunately for us, the hotels in Kharadi are plenty…

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IT Hub In Kharadi Pune

How is Kharadi growing as an IT hub?

Kharadi has been going through massive development in the past few years, which has changed the living scenario positively. Kharadi is one such location in Pune city which is blessed in all the aspects. Take a look at the neighbourhood, facilities and more… 5 Minutes Read Kharadi has bounced back in the limelight since the early 2000’s proving a major…

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