Considering Buying Your First Home In Kharadi? Here Are Some Quick Questions & Solutions.

If your work location is EON IT Park in Kharadi, then it is essential to get a home location that is close to the same. Kharadi is after all the best area in Pune. This will reduce your commute time and improve your overall quality of life. This means that you get to spend less time going to and from work, and more time with your loved ones.

Zen Estate is located on river road in Kharadi and is one of the most convenient locations if you are an employee working in EON IT Park. Zen Estate is just 2.9 km away from EON IT Park. This gives an approx commute time of 7-10 minutes by road. Compared to other neighbouring locations such as Wagholi, Viman Nagar or Vadgaon Sheri, this one is the most convenient. It is one of the best residential places in Pune.

However, proximity to work is not the only benefit. The location of River Road in Kharadi is one of the most scenic locations in Kharadi. It also has great quality and variety of restaurants, cafes, pubs and nightlife. This location will give you the optimum quality of life, all while being close to work.

No. If you want to buy a flat in Kharadi Pune, this is actually the perfect time to invest. The area has seen a sudden growth spurt in the last few years, and a plethora of residential spaces have opened up. The area is also now developing modern and green infrastructure, which wasn’t the case a few years ago.

Now because the Pune Municipal Corporation is paying attention to the infrastructure in Kharadi, commercial spaces are also quickly opening up. The first of which is EON IT Park. This increases the appreciation and value of the real estate in the area.

Zen Estate is one of the premium residential investment properties in Kharadi Pune. You can take a look at the project here: mahalaxmipune.com

Kharadi is on the cusp of a real estate hike and soon the prices are bound to skyrocket. Now is a perfect time, while the area is still developing to invest in it.

Between Kharadi and Baner, you should choose Kharadi. This will, of course, spur the question, “How is the Kharadi area in Pune?.” It is significantly better if you want to take home. There are 2 main reasons for the same:

  • Baner is an area that was developing around 5 years ago. Now, Baner is fully developed, and property rates have skyrocketed. There have been new IT parks, restaurants, and areas like Balewadi high street that have developed. If one invested in Baner 5 years ago, they must have seen a great return on investment. However, if you were to invest in Baner today, the same rate of appreciation would not be possible. Not to mention the property rates are extremely high when compared to Kharadi.
  • But on the other hand, Kharadi is exactly where Baner was 5 years ago. It has a decent amount of development done already- like grocery stores, and restaurants open in the area. But there is scope for more. Developers are shifting focus and rapidly eyeing the area. Investing in Kharadi today is going to yield a higher growth rate and RoI.

Kharadi is on the cusp of a real estate hike and soon the prices are bound to skyrocket. Now is a perfect time, while the area is still developing to invest in it.

Kharadi is one of the most affordable locations to live in, which is near the Kharadi bypass. Cheap areas to live in Pune are hard to find, but Kharadi is one of the best options. A hyper-developed residential neighbourhood located on the eastern side of Pune, Kharadi houses some of the most value-for-money residential spaces across Maharashtra. The residential spaces in Kharadi are available at an affordable price of Rs 5,600 per sq ft on an average, making the market even more attractive. Meanwhile, neighbouring areas of Viman Nagar and Koregaon Park are much more expensive.

Out of the many which are the best suburbs of Pune, you may ask.

Kharadi is a Suburb closer to the city’s EON IT park and is one of the best residential areas in Pune city. Suburbs close to IT parks perform best, as they attract steady demand from buyers with bigger budgets. Moreover, such locations like Kharadi have better infrastructure provided by municipal authorities. Many of the extended suburbs like Kondhwa, presently have only budget housing being developed and have no cultural or social spaces like restaurants or parks built in abundance.

Kharadi is an area that is well-connected to major employment hubs and also offers lower property prices, and is very much in demand. Thus it is one of the best residential areas to stay in Pune.

Zen Estate in Kharadi is proving to be one of the best projects in the area. These are Riverside homes with quick access to EON IT Park, WTC, Barclays, and more. It is also close to world-class schools and hospitals.

Financing a home here is also not an issue as Zen Estate provides square foot per rupee. Thus it is premium living at perfect pricing. The project also has tie-ups with leading loan providers so that there is no delay in securing financing.

One of the main questions you may have is why invest in kharadi? It is because the future of kharadi Pune and kharadi future development is showing an upward trend.

Kharadi is an area in Pune that is now one of the most sought-after ones. It is an area which has a great new infrastructure built by the Pune Municipal Corporation. This means there are concrete roads, secure embankments, and lush landscaping. It is also an area that is close to major Pune hotspots like Viman Nagar, Koregaon Park and Kalyani Nagar. This means that the kharadi real estate future shows the great appreciation and is a good space to invest in if one is looking at Return on Investment.

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