Zen Estate - right product right place

Even with numerous options, finding the perfect home remains just a dream for many. A lot of real estate experts and home buyers would say that it is next to impossible to find Ideal location, suitable amenities, quality construction and most importantly, affordable cost at one place.

However, the real estate developers at Zen Estate, Kharadi are here to prove these naysayers wrong. The Zen Estate group has come up with a fantastic project that fulfils all essential requirements of a homebuyer- a quality home and connected living, that too at an ultra-affordable price.

Zen Estate, Kharadi is a project by Mahalaxmi Group that has kept the needs of the customer at its heart. So that when the quality, location, and price come together, they form an offer that is hard to refuse.

Zen Estate - right product right place

In a market where buyers have to almost always compromise when purchasing a home, Zen Estate is a refreshing change. So what are you waiting for? The Zenshine life awaits you. Come home to peace, come home to Zen.


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