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IT Hub In Kharadi Pune

How is Kharadi growing as an IT hub?

Kharadi has been going through massive development in the past few years, which has changed the living scenario positively. Kharadi is one such location in Pune city which is blessed in all the aspects. Take a look at the neighbourhood, facilities and more… 5 Minutes Read Kharadi has bounced back in the limelight since the early 2000’s proving a major…

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Real Estate investors choice - Zen Estate Kharadi

Investor’s Real Estate Choice in Kharadi

So now, since Kharadi is such an enticing location, which project within Kharadi should you choose to invest in? The options are endless. Well, the answer to this question is Zen Estate, Kharadi. Want to know why? Keep reading. 1. Ensuring A Premium Lifestyle The luxurious residences here are also built to ensure ample privacy and safety to all residents.…

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Residential Complex of the Year 2020

Residential Complex Of The Year – Zen Estate Kharadi

Residential Complex Of The Year – Zen Estate Kharadi Zen Estate is a residential project that magnifies growth and progress in Kharadi, Pune. Situated along the banks of the famous Mula Mutha river, it transcends living experiences to a heavenly level. This astounding marvel is a collaborative junction between two of Pune’s most well-known real estate developers – Mahalaxmi Group…

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foodie in kharadi

8 Places Every Foodie Should Visit In Kharadi

Finding a good restaurant that is close to where you live is a struggle that every food enthusiast goes through. Having to travel tens of kilometres just to enjoy the food you like is a true struggle and not everyone can travel every weekend. 4 Minutes Read But for those who live in Kharadi, these kinds of problems are irrelevant!…

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